Keeping My Promise

I’ve kept my promise and am posting more! It actually is nice updating this. It gets me thinking about the website in a different light and definitely motivates me to finish it! I spent a lot of time over the past few days working on the logo and the main page. The main page is really tough because there is not any content on it, short of a paragraph explaining the site. I have my color scheme down and did a mock up of the site. I actually really like it. It was a fun experience experimenting with colors and what goes together.


That’s it for now. My goal for the end of the week is to post the index page in its final form and then start working on the content portion of my sites, starting with music, since I have most of that material together. I am still tinkering with ideas for the resume page so that should be a project. I may just post it regularly to start with and as I gain more skills, I will add the functionality to it.



Making a Website is Hard

I realize I need to be more proactive with finishing my site and I hope regular blogging will inspire me to keep working and actually get ┬áthis thing finished! I starting working on in August of last year, which is crazy. I logged onto my site for the first time at the beginning of January and was kind of embarrassed I did had a notice up saying “Coming in October”. I could offer up a ton of excises but the bottom line is I did not meet my self imposed deadline. I offered up a new deadline on the site of February. That gives me about another month to have it up. I have a lot to accomplish in the next weeks but I am really committed to getting it live in that time, even if it is not 100% complete.

I realized today that designing a website from scratch is a lot like designing and building a house. I may have a ton of content to fill the website out, but I need to build the house around to store everything. It needs to be visually appealing, easy to use, and most importantly, really show off my skills so I can get more work. I am really going back to the basics and focussing on small things like colors, page layouts, logos and such before I even start building the index page. I feel spending the time getting everything right now will pay off big time when it comes to building it.

So here is the update: I spent today designing the logo and picking out a tag line for the site. I really like what I have come up with. Of course, it could change before the site launches so I do not want to share it at the moment. I am going to tweak it tonight in Photoshop and once its perfect, I will add it to my Twitter page and maybe on the main page to the site.

As I said, I will be trying to update this blog regularly about the building of the project and eventually it will turn more into a music/ post audio blog once the site is up. I know people aren’t reading this now, but for those in the future reading back, know that this is where is started.

Steve K