Keeping My Promise

I’ve kept my promise and am posting more! It actually is nice updating this. It gets me thinking about the website in a different light and definitely motivates me to finish it! I spent a lot of time over the past few days working on the logo and the main page. The main page is really tough because there is not any content on it, short of a paragraph explaining the site. I have my color scheme down and did a mock up of the site. I actually really like it. It was a fun experience experimenting with colors and what goes together.


That’s it for now. My goal for the end of the week is to post the index page in its final form and then start working on the content portion of my sites, starting with music, since I have most of that material together. I am still tinkering with ideas for the resume page so that should be a project. I may just post it regularly to start with and as I gain more skills, I will add the functionality to it.



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